Bill Haddican

I work on language change and syntax, especially in dialects of Basque and English. I have recently been working mainly on two funded projects. One, based at the University of York, was the Northern Englishes project (NEP), a UK Research Council funded project on which I am PI, that focuses on change in Northern English dialects. Paul Foulkes is a collaborator on this project. The second is the Basque Dialect Grammar (BDG) project (Beatriz Fernandez, PI) funded by the Spanish government, which focuses on syntactic variation in Basque dialects.

Recent talks/handouts:
[2015] Two constraints on theme passivization in Swedish (with Anders Holmberg). LAGB.

[2015] Object symmetry effects across Germanic (with Anders Holmberg). Penn.

[2015] How independent are the variants of a linguistic variable? (with Daniel Ezra Johnson). CUNY.

[2014] Truncation feeds intervention: Two clause type effects in Basque (with Arantzazu Elordieta). GLOW 37.

[2013] Repairing Final-Over-Final Constraint Violations: Evidence from Basque verb clusters (with Ricardo Etxepare). GLOW 36.

Downloadable papers:
[to appear] Constant effects on variants in controlled judgement data (with Dan Johnson, Anders Holmberg and Nanna Haug Hilton). draft of a paper to appear in Linguistic Variation.

[to appear] Strategies of Verb and Verb Phrase Focus across Basque Dialects (with Arantzazu Elordieta). draft of a paper to appear in an volume edited by Beatriz Fernandez and Jon Ortiz de Urbina.

[2015] Word-level distributions and structural factors co-determine GOOSE fronting. wwith Soskuthy, M., Foulkes, P., Hay, J. & Hughes, V.) Proceedings of ICPhS, Glasgow.

[2015] Change in the Syntax and Semantics of be like quotatives (with Eytan Zweig and Daniel Ezra Johnson). In Syntax over time, CUP.

[2015] A note on Basque vocative clitics. In Ibon Sarasola, Gorazarre.

[2014] Focus effects on particle placement in English and the left periphery of PP (with Daniel Ezra Johnson). Proceedings of NELS 43.

[2014] Four kinds of object symmetry (with Anders Holmberg). in Complex Visibles Out There. Proceedings of the Olomouc Linguistics Colloquium 2014: Language Use and Linguistic Structure.

[2014] Interrogative slifting in English (with Anders Holmberg, Hidekazu Tanaka and George Tsoulas). Lingua.

[2013] An R script for distributing items in a data frame to lists/blocks by Latin square. (Instructions in comments at the top of the script.)

[2013] Social correlates of two vowel changes in Northern England (with Vincent Hughes, Hazel Richards and Paul Foulkes). Language Variation and Change.

[2013] Asymmetrical trajectories: The past and present of -body/-one (with Alex D'Arcy, Hazel Richards, Sali Tagliamonte and Ann Taylor). Language Variation and Change.

[2013] V≥2 in Basque (with Arantzazu Elordieta). Penn Working Papers in Linguistics--Proceedings of Penn Linguistics Colloquium 36.

[2012] Effects on the Particle Verb Alternation across English Dialects (with Daniel Ezra Johnson). Penn Working Papers in Linguistics--Proceedings of NWAV 40.

[2012] Object Movement Symmetries in British English Dialects: Experimental evidence for a mixed case/locality approach (with Anders Holmberg). Journal of Comparative Germanic Linguistics.

[2012] The Syntax of manner quotative constructions in English and Dutch (with Eytan Zweig). Linguistic Variation.

[2012] Object movement (A)symmetries in British English Dialects (with Anders Holmberg). Proceedings of WCCFL 29.

[2012] The syntax of be like quotatives (with Eytan Zweig, Daniel Ezra Johnson). Proceedings of WCCFL 29.

[2012] Constant linguistic effects in the diffusion of be like (with Mercedes Durham, Eytan Zweig, Daniel Ezra Johnson, Zipporah Baker, David Cockeram, Esther Danks, Louise Tyler). Journal of English Linguistics.

[2012] A continuum of definciency for Basque infinitives. (with George Tsoulas). In: Noun Phrases and Nominalizations in Basque, edited by Urtzi Etxeberria, Ricardo Etxepare and Myriam Uribe-Etxebarria. Benjamins.

[2010] Theme-goal ditransitives and theme passivisation in British English dialects. Lingua 120, 2424-2443.

[2010] Formalising syntactic variability in contemporary theory: context and issues (with Bernadette Plunkett). Lingua 120, 1057-1061.

[2009] The British Isles. (with J. Stuart-Smith). In Sociolinguistics Around the World: A Handbook. Ed. by M. Ball and N. Muller.

[2009] A note on Basque Participles. International Journal of Basque Linguistics 43, 423-434.

[2008] Mid Vowel Raising and Second Vowel Deletion in Oiartzun Basque. (With P. Foulkes). In Gramatika Jaietan Patxi Goenagaren Omenez, Ed. by X. Artiagoitia and J. Lakarra.

[2007] Euskal perpausaren oinarrizko espez-buru-osagarri hurrenkeraren aldeko argudio batzuk (Some arguments for an underlying spec-head-complement order for the Basque Clause.) In Antisimetriaren Hipotesia vs Buru Parametroa: euskararen hitz hurrenkera ezbaian (ed.) X. Artiagoitia and A. Elordieta. Gasteiz: U. of the Basque Country."

[2007]. On Egin: Do-support in Basque. (Revised version published in Natural Language and Linguistic Theory).

[2007]. Suburbanization and Language Change in Basque. Revised version published in Language in Society.

[2006]. The Structural Deficiency of Verbal Pro-forms. York Papers in Linguistics. (Revised version published in Linguistic Inquiry 36(5))

[2005]. Two Kinds of Restructuring Infinitives in Basque, Proceedings of WCCFL 24 (pre-publication draft).

[2005]. On Egin: Do-Support And Verb Focalization In Central And Western Basque, Penn Working Papers in Linguistics. Proceedings of PLC 29.

[2005]. Standardization and Language Change in Basque, Penn Working Papers in Linguistics. Selected papers from NWAV 33.

[2005]. Standardization, Functional Shift and Language Change in Basque, Estudios de Sociolinguistica, 5(2).

[2004]. Affirmation and Weak Islands, Snippets, 9:9-10.

[2004]. Sentence Polarity and Word Order in Basque, The Linguistic Review, 21(2):81-124.

[2004]. Conjunction Meets Negation: A Study in Cross-linguistic Variation (with Anna Szabolcsi) Journal of Semantics, 21(3): 219-249.

[2003]. Dialect Contact in a Southern Basque Town, Language Variation and Change, 15(1):1-35.

[2001]. Basque Functional Heads, Linguistics in the Big Apple Working Papers in Linguisics.

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