The Minor

A Minor in Anthropology only requires eighteen (18) credits and serves as a valuable supplement to many of the major programs at Queens College. If you have planned carefully and satisfied LASAR requirements with anthropology courses, you could have as much as half of an anthropology minor (9 credits) already completed. If you are just starting out, be sure to select Anthro 101 or 103, 102 and 104 to satisfy LASAR requirements, and you will already have started your minor in anthropology.

A Minor in Anthropology comprises six courses and a total of 18 credits and can be usefully and easily combined with Majors in other departments. The required courses -- 101 through 104 -- also satisfy LASAR requirements.
The Minor offers students an introduction to the field of anthropology and is flexible enough to provide basic information in all four fields (Cultural, Biological, Archaeology and Linguistics) while at the same time allowing students to focus specifically on the areas that most interest them.
Students must declare their intention to minor in anthropology by meeting with a faculty advisor and completing a concentration form in consultation with their advisor. The student should enter below the courses (and dates they will be taken) which will comprise the minor. This form should be prepared and signed by the advisor in duplicate -- one copy being retained by the student, the other being filed with the Department. Changes in the courses selected may be made at any time as long as basic requirements are completed. Unauthorized changes in the courses comprising the minor, however, may result in departmental decision not to award the Minor.
Grades below C-minus in anthropology courses are not acceptable for minors in Anthropology. Students who have received such grades in any course needed to fulfill the minor requirements, must retake those courses and achieve a grade of C-minus or better to be considered for graduation as Anthropology Minors.

3 courses from:
ANTHRO 101 ____
ANTHRO 102 ____
ANTHRO 103 ____
ANTHRO 104 ____

1 course from:
Anthro 201 ____
Anthro 235 ____
Anthro 240 ____
Anthro 260 ____

Any 2 Courses
Anthro 2__ ____
Anthro 2__ ____

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