Academic Senate

Committee on Honors and Awards
Academic Senate, Queens College

1. Duties:

a) To select recipients for existing College wide honors and awards. b) To recommend to the Academic Senate criteria including minimum grade point averages for the award of College wide honors. c) To evaluate all proposals for new College wide awards honoring academic excellence, and in consultation with the appropriate persons and agencies, to make recommendations to the Academic Senate. d) To stimulate recognition and appreciation of high academic achievement at the College. e) To consider and pass upon waivers of requirements for graduation with an Honors degree.

f) To work with the College administration and other appropriate individuals and agencies regarding the establishment, criteria and award of non College wide honors and prizes.

2. Membership: eight voting, one nonvoting.

a) Eight faculty, 2 from each division, elected at the April Senate meeting as follows:

1. Any member of the College community may recommend the nomination of any faculty member or themselves by submitting their name to the Nominating Committee of the Academic Senate. 2. The Nominating Committee shall review all applications and nominations and shall recommend the appropriate number of candidates to the Academic Senate for its consideration.

3. The Academic Senate shall vote on candidates submitted by the Nominating Committee. No additional nominations shall be permitted on the floor of the Academic Senate.

b) Ex officio (nonvoting): Dean of Students

3. Term of Service

a) The term of service shall be three years beginning on September 1, following the April election.

b) The Chair of the Honors and Awards Committee shall serve a one year term and be elected by the members of the Committee at its September meeting.

4. Subcommittee on Honorary Degrees

a) Duties: To recommend candidates for honorary degrees. b) Membership: Eight (8) voting; one (1) nonvoting

Faculty: Four (4) committee members elected by the Honors and Awards Committee for a two-year term - one from each Division. Students: Four (4) students elected by the Nominating Committee for a two-year term - one from each division. Ex officio (nonvoting): Provost Chair person: Susan Rotenberg

contact: Lisa D'Angelo (Secretary)