Academic Senate

Teaching Excellence & Evaluation Committee
Academic Senate, Queens College

1. Duties: To meet by the end of October of each year and regularly thereafter to accomplish the following:

a) To revise or construct as necessary and to submit to the Academic Senate for approval or amendment before or during March a College wide course and faculty evaluation questionnaire. b) To propose at the same time to the Academic Senate the format and manner of tabulation of the results of the questionnaire. *c) To supply this material to the Provost in sufficient time so that the questionnaire may be administered every third semester, and subsequently published by the College. (*See Standing rule VI) d) To report to the Academic Senate, in sufficient time, the schedule of administration and publication anticipated by the Provost or his deputies. e) To adjudicate cases where circumstances make the evaluation of individual instructors inappropriate. f) To submit to the Academic Senate, for whatever action it deems appropriate, a list of faculty and courses not evaluated. g) To submit to the Academic Senate recommendations that promote excellence in teaching, including but not limited to:

i. Creating videos, presentations and seminars giving examples of excellence in teaching; ii. Working with the College Administration to organize and operate programs, such as peer mentoring, to provide training in the best aspects of teaching; iii. Ascertaining and recommending where further institutional support is essential for excellence in teaching;

iv. Ascertaining and recommending means of rewarding excellence in teaching.

h) To provide oversight of the Office of Teaching and Learning Excellence.

2. Membership: eight voting, two nonvoting

a) 4 Faculty (at large) 4 Students (at large)

b) Ex officio (nonvoting): Director of Institutional Research Provost or a representative

Chair:  Dean Savage , 718 997-2829