Queens College Academic Senate
Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Submitting Proposals for Global Contexts

At the April, 2010 Academic Senate meeting a resolution was passed that modifies the
requirement in the new General Education requirements known as "Contexts of
Experience" (which has been retitled "Global Contexts.)

Originally, a Global Contexts course was also required to be a
Perspectives (PLAS) course. The Senate resolution removed that tie and allows students
to take their Global Contexts course as part of PLAS (as it was), or part of a major, minor
or general elective.

Since departments may have courses on the books that currently do not meet
PLAS, we hope to increase the inventory of Contexts courses now that PLAS
requirements need not be met.

To this end, departments are asked for a list of numbers and titles for courses that
To be considered by the UCC for categorization in one of the global contexts areas.

To assist in this decision, an excerpt (PDF) from the General Education
requirements document with the definition and requirements for each of the Global Contexts is provoded.
(United States, European Traditions and World Cultures) as well as the Preindustrial Requirement,
which never had to be a PLAS course but for which we would also like to increase the inventory.

This list may be emailed to Ken Lord (kenneth.lord@qc.cuny.edu).
A file listing the course numbers, titles and desired context is sufficient. Only one Context
may be assigned to a course, but you may submit unique lists for more than one
Context (for example, some courses for US, other courses for WC).

This list may be emailed to Ken Lord (kenneth.lord@qc.cuny.edu).