Photo by Daniel Andor

The Lahti Lab
Department of Biology - Ecology, Evolution & Behavior
Queens College & The Graduate Center, CUNY


Lab Phone: (718) 997-3519
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A little about me

Since 2012, I've been a Ph.D. student in biology at the City University of New York. I am native to New York City but by no means new to nature, I walk everywhere I go if time permits, and I like to think I'm the first to attempt an impression of a cross between a Dalek and a sooty shearwater.

Over the last decade, I've made a gradual transition from professional ensemble singer to avid avian voyeuse to student of biology, and I've never achieved a happier mix of penniless pursuits. There are many people to whom I am beholden for the encouragement and opportunity to do something completely different. You'll find them throughout these pages.

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