Essays & Other Writings

  Big Three Commercial Fish Species Historically in Hudson River              

Conservation Essays in Yale Environment 360

Blocked Migrations: Fish Ladders on U.S. Dams are Not Effective

How Fisheries Can Gain From the Lessons of Sustainable Food

The Natural World Vanishes: How Species Cease to Matter

With Temperatures Rising, Here Comes Global Weirding

Selected Angling & Natural History Articles in
The New York Times

Thoreau's Distressing Canoe Trip

Trying to Solve the Mysteries of Striped Bass in Winter

Friendship Born in Iran by Pursuit of Sturgeon

The Lofty Mystery of Why Sturgeon Leap

A Trip to Old Florida, For Tarpon and More

Blitzes are the Great Hatches of the Sea

The Harbor Nobody Knows; New York's Waterfront Teems with Hidden Treasures

Catches of the Day: Some Curiosities

A Colorful Addition to Florida Canals

Finding Exotic Fish in Unusual Settings

Fishing for Bass in Unusual Habitat

Bass Fishing in Hell Gate

Shad Fishing in New York Bay, 1867

Historical Ice Fishing Illustration

Other Selected Essays and Book Chapters

Let's Not Shatter the Glass Eel

Ice Fishing: Almost Lost (Our Town)

Perfume Creek (on the Gowanus Canal, link to source)

The World's Diadromous Fishes: Resetting Shifted Baselines (link to source)

What JFK Fliers Owe Jamaica Bay Wildlife

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