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FAFSA on the Web - the fastest way to apply for aid

How to File for Financial Aid at Queens College
Remember - File every year!

Applications for Federal and NY State aid (including grants, work, and loans) must be filed each year.  File in the Spring for aid for the following Summer, Fall and Spring semesters. 

Be sure to file the correct year's applications.

For academic year 2005-2006 aid applications

If you are applying for aid for CUNY schools only, wait until you and anyone else whose income needs to show on the aid applications has filed any tax returns for the year in question; otherwise, file as accurately as you can in accordance with the other schools' deadlines and adjust the information with us later if you are coming to us.
  • Use 2004 income information on your 2005-2006 aid applications.
  • The TAP portion of the aid application process is changing slightly for 2005-2006.

Don't have an email address?  It's important to put a good email address on your aid applications.
As you consider your options, consider a *FREE* QC student email account. More information at - read all policies carefully.

1) Before you start, collect the following:
* Your social security number, driver's license number, alien registration number (if applicable), tax returns and W2s, records of untaxed income, asset information; spouse's (if any) income and asset information
* Your parents' social security numbers, birth dates, tax returns and W2s, records of untaxed income, asset information.
* For the academic year *2005-2006* application, you must use calendar year *2004* tax returns, W-2 forms, and other income information.
2) Be sure everyone who needs to sign your application has a federal financial aid PIN.  This lets everyone who needs to sign the application electronically.

* Request a PIN (or to be sent a copy of your PIN)  at  If you list an email address, you will receive your PIN by email in a few days.
* Use your PIN to file your applications.  There are other financial aid related sites that also ask for that PIN.
* Safeguard your PIN --- for confidentiality and future use.
3) To begin the aid application process: file the FAFSA on the web (FOTW) at 
*** There is no charge to file through this site. ***

* You might find it helpful to print and complete the site's pre-application worksheet before doing the application itself on the web.
* Select the correct academic year from the pull-down menu.
* Use the QC FAFSA code 002690.
* Complete all questions on the FAFSA on the Web.
* To request Federal College Work-Study or Perkins Loan, be sure to check work or loan request.
* If you have a question while you're on-line, use the chat feature (on every page of the FAFSA on the Web) to talk with a representative of the Federal Processor.
* Use your PIN to sign the FAFSA electronically.  Follow instructions on the application for others to sign the application electronically as well.
* Print all the information suggested.
* Submit the application after running the final check.
* Print and keep the page with the submission confirmation number and date. 
4) Go directly from the FAFSA confirmation page to the TAP application on the web and file the TAP on the web (TOTW) for consideration for NY State aid.
* Select the link on the FAFSA confirmation page for NYS Residents.
* Be sure the QC TAP code 1416 shows on your application information.
* Review and correct the information taken from the FAFSA to begin your TAP application.
* Complete all other questions.
5) Prefer to file on paper?  Forms are available in the Financial Aid Office. 
* Be sure to pick up the form for the correct academic year.
* The paper application process takes more time than filing on-line, so be sure to do this as early as you can.
6) Follow-up with any additional information requested for all applications.
*** NEW! Additional ways to check the status of your aid applications. ***
* Go back to the FAFSA website a few days after completing the application on the web (including electronic signatures).
* Print a SAR (Student Aid Report) from the web and see what the processor is requesting.
* If you have been selected for verification, download the appropriate verification form from our Financial Aid Office website, and complete it. Bring us signed copies we can keep of all the needed documents (include W2s) and be sure the verification form is signed as required.
* Contact our office to check the status of your application.
* Students who file TAP on the web will receive a separate paper application from CUNY for Aid for Part-time Study (APTS). 

* You may complete the TAP on the web using a site you receive in email from NYS Higher Education Services Corporation after your FAFSA is processed
* Complete, sign and return any paper applications sent to you for NYS aid in the envelope provided with the application.

Direct Loan:
* If after everything else is processed and cleared, you feel you need to file for a Direct Loan, ask in the financial aid office for the Direct Loan request papers and information about the Direct Loan Electronic Master Promissory Note (DL eMPN).
* Submit the request forms and a copy of your completed Queens College DL eMPN in the Financial Aid Office after: 1) you receive the SAR and resolve any problems, and 2) your TAP award is determined, and 3) you have been evaluated for other aid, and 4) you have registered for at least 6 credits for the first semester of the loan period. 
7) Not sure what happens next? New to Financial Aid at QC?
* When you receive the responses to your applications, contact us to be sure what they mean and what you should do next.
* If aid you expected to be applied to your tuition/fees bill is not there, contact us IMMEDIATELY!

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