Professor Ziva Flamhaft
Political Science

 Dr. Ziva Flamhaft earned her Ph.D. degree in Political Science in 1992 from the Graduate Center of the City of New York (CUNY). She have taught a variety of courses in Political Science at Queens College, including International Relation; Israel in the Middle East; The Arab-Israeli Conflict; The Middle East in Global Affairs; Arab, Israelis and Peace; Women and War; The Politics of Ethnic Groups; Global Ethnic Conflict; Pressing Global Issues; Contemporary Problem in World Politics and American Government. Throughout her academic career she actively participated in dozens of conferences and a number of workshops, and was nominated to numerous prestigious awards, including the Queens College Presidential Excellence in Teaching Award.

Her book Israel on the Road to Peace: Accepting the unacceptable was published by Westview Press in 1996. Also in 1996, her chapter on 1993 Oslo agreement was published in F. A. Lazin and G. S. Mahler (eds.) Israel in the Nineties (University of Florida Press). With a Fulbright-Hays scholarship she spent part of 1995-96 in Israel, interviewing women bereaved and aggrieved by war an d terrorism. She is currently compiling these interviews in a book.

In 1969 Dr. Flamhaft arrived to the US as staff of Israeli government offices in New York. in 1968 she was the first to mobilize public opinion in Israel against government discrimination of childless war widows, lobbying for a change in a law that discriminated against small segment of the female population in Israel. Prior to her arrival to the US, Dr Flamhaft was staff member of the Department of Special Affairs, Office of Information at the Prime Minister Office. Earlier in her life, during her mandatory military service she was a Paymaster and welfare and cultural director of her base.

Recent Publications:


Israel on the Road to Peace-
Accepting the Unacceptable
by Ziva Flamhaft

Westview Press (1996)



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