Biblical Archaeology Slide-Lecture Series
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Free parking in Lot 15 on Reeves Avenue (behind the LeFrak building) and easy elevator access to the Concert Hall.

Jerusalem as a Sanctuary City
Yuval Baruch

November 11,
wednesday, 7:30 pm

LeFrak Concert Hall

baruchYuval Baruch
completed all of his higher education, including his doctorate, at Hebrew University.
He seems to have known very early in his academic career not only where he wanted to study but also what he wanted to study. It was all archaeology from his BA, to his MA, to his PhD. He has spent his entire rofessional life as an archaeologist working for the Israel Antiquities Authority, where he serves as its Jerusalem District Archaeologist. Dr. Baruch made archaeological history in October 2007 with the discovery of artifacts on the site of Jerusalem’s Temple Mount. These artifacts are considered to be the first physical evidence of human activity during the time of King Solomon’s Temple (the First Jewish Temple). He has published scores of archaeological articles and has been the manager of many large scale excavations including:
? near the Southern Wall of the Temple Mount (Hulda Gate), (Jerusalem)
? Umayyad Buildings, Jerusalem
? near the Northern Wall of Jerusalem (Herod Gate)
? near the Eastern Wall of Jerusalem (Lions’ Gate)
? Ramleh
The lecture and slide show will focus on recent excavations, along with new trends in the archaeological study of the Second Temple Period, which reflects Jerusalem as a sanctuary city

Gamla’s War: the Archaeology of Religious Intensity
Yoav Arbel

December 2
Tuesday, 7:30 pm
LeFrak Concert Hall

arbelDr. Yoav
Arbel began his career in field archaeology as an enthusiastic teenage volunteer, riding
bikes, buses, and trains to work at various sites throughout Israel. His first junior staff position
was during the 1980s at Gamla. He later supervised excavation areas in the Roman-Byzantine city of Beth Shean, Hellenistic underground systems of Maresh, and at several other Israeli projects, and also conducted digs in the UK, Germany, Turkey, Jordan, and Tanzania. He earned a bachelor’s degree in classical archaeology and African studies from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (1995) and a master’s degree in anthropological archaeology from the University of California, San Diego (2000), where he completed his PhD in 2005. Dr. Arbel is currently employed by the Israel Antiquities
Authority as a research archaeologist and does most of his work in major salvage excavations in ancient Jaffa. Biblical Archaeology Slide-Lecture Series, LeFrak Concert Hall arbel-gamla ruins of Synagogue arbel-gamla Site


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