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Summer and Fall 2008 Registration Procedures
Communication Sciences & Disorders Majors

Course Schedule, Fall 2008 (PDF)

300 Level Request Form (PDF)

1.  Registration for Summer Classes

Students should register through eSIMS for summer session courses (LCD 208, 309, 283).  Registration for summer session only is April 8th-11th by class standing and last name from 6 a.m. – 3 a.m. daily.  Summer registration will continue until classes begin.

2.  Registration for Fall Classes

Students must register themselves through eSIMS for Fall 2008 courses by class standing and last name from April 14th–April 29th, 6 a.m. – 3 a.m. daily.  Fall course registration will continue to be open until classes begin.

Note: Students do not need to complete all of the 200 level courses before taking a 300 level course.  If you have completed the pre-requisite for a specific 300 level course (e.g. 216), you can register for that 300 level course (e.g., 316).

3. Fall Course Sections Remaining Closed Until New Faculty Hire

CSD has been given one new faculty line for Fall 2008 and an asst. professor search is underway.  In anticipation of a hire, 3 course sections have been added to the Fall schedule (LCD 105 – W/F, 106 - M/W, 323 – M/W 3:05). These sections will remain closed, however, until hiring is completed. Look for additional class openings in late May or June. 

4. Exceptions:  Departmental Registration of Select Student Groups

Special departmental registration will be available for 2 groups of students:

  • Students who have successfully completed LCD 207, 208, 216 by June ’08 with at least 90 credits can request early, departmental registration for Fall 300 level classes.

    Students should fill out the 300 level course request sheet (available from the LCD office), attach a copy of their transcript, and submit this to the LCD office no later than Wed., April 2nd.  Students will be registered for no more than 3 courses.  Students retaking classes are not eligible.  A list of students pre- registered will be available outside the LCD office on Friday, April 4th.
  • 2nd BA students into a special course open to 2nd BA students only: LCD 391.2, Special Problems: Clinical Methods & Observation.   This course provides 2nd BA students with 25 ASHA clinical observation hrs. for graduate school admission & seminar study of clinical methods and issues. 

    2nd BA students can register through the LCD office anytime after April 14th.