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Gen Ed Courses in General Linguistics

Course Descriptions

LCD 100. Language in Context. 3 hr.; 3 cr. Introduction to the study of linguistics from the social, educational, and work-related contexts in which language is used. Within these contexts, linguistic concepts are introduced and explained. [Satisfies Cultures and Values requirement of Areas of Knowledge.]

LCD 103. Multilingualism in the U.S. 3 hr.; 3 cr. This is a reading course for undergraduates, with an intersection of topics and concepts from linguistics, sociology, anthropology, psychology and education. It is designed for students interested in gaining a deeper understanding of some of the linguistic and cultural groups that make up US society and the issues that surround and confound them. [Satisfies Cultures and Values requirement of Areas of Knowledge.]

LCD 144.  Language and Social Diversity.  3 hr.; 3 cr. Students explore dialectal and linguistic diversity as a form of social diversity in various countries around the world. Students read and report on research articles on these topics and collaborate on an original class research project that examines one linguistic phenomenon in its social context. [Satisfies Analyzing Social Structures requirement of Areas of Knowledge.]