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Selected Partsongs of Hamish MacCunn

Queens College Vocal Ensemble
Directed by James John


Announcing the Queens College Vocal Ensemble’s recording featuring twelve of MacCunn’s twenty-six extant partsongs.

“If thou art sleeping” (Serenade; 1883) “Hark forward” (1889)
“Oh where art thou dreaming?” (1884) “Soldier, rest! thy warfare o’er” (1893)
“Ye little birds that sit and sing” (1886) “Night” (1914)
“O mistress mine” (1888) “O my love, leave me not!” (1914)
“It was a lass” (1888) “On a faded violet” (1914)
“There is a garden” (1888) “Whither?” (1914)


As one of Scotland’s most popular composers, Hamish MacCunn briefly dominated the London music scene in the late nineteenth century. While his orchestral compositions helped establish his career, the majority of MacCunn’s compositions are for voice. His partsongs were among his most popular compositions during his lifetime and were performed throughout the British Isles. This recording includes twelve of MacCunn’s twenty-three extant partsongs. In spite of the popularity of British choral music in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, very few of the a cappella works from this era have been published in modern editions or recorded. Of all of MacCunn’s partsongs, only “Oh Where Art Thou Dreaming?” has been published in recent years (in Oxford University Press’s English Romantic Partsongs). Many, including the four works for women’s voices, are recorded here for the first time.

All proceeds go to the Aaron Copland School of Music Choral Music Department at Queens College. CDs are $15. For CDs to be mailed, there is a $2 charge for shipping and handling per CD.

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