Department of Political Science, Queens College


Registration for Fall 2021 is open.
You can find our Updated Fall Course Schedule here.

Students: please note the mode of instruction on the far right column ("Mode").
In-Person courses ('P') meet entirely on campus (first meeting online).
Hybrid courses ('H') have varying combinations of online and in-person meetings (first meeting online).

Online courses ('O') are conducted entirely online. These may be:
courses ('S') meet online"live" during the listed times. Asynchronous courses ('A') are online but do *not* have a regular meeting time.

For further information, please see College's announcement regarding Fall classes here.



As our offices have remained closed for longer than anticipated, we have had to temporarily adapt the process through which students can declare the Major or Minor in Political Science.

While campus offices will likely re-open in some capacity prior to the Fall semester, students should complete the following steps (all electronically):

You will need two forms:

1) Registrar's Major/Minor Declaration form  (available from the Registrar's website).

Fill out this form and sign it.

2) Department's Major or Minor Concentration forms.

Fill out this form with the courses you have taken and/or plan to take to fulfill the Major/Minor requirements.

You will need to have a PSCI Faculty Advisor review and sign the form.

Once completed, email both forms to Mayra Tepi [] or Francie Weiss-Temkin [].

We will sign and forward the Registrar's form for processing, and will file the Department form in our records. While students focus on the Registrar's form due to Financial aid or other concerns, please note that the Department form is also a requirement for graduation.


While the Political Science physical offices are currently closed,  we can help you virtually!

For general assistance, please contact:
Our staff members, Ms. Mayra Tepi and/or Francie Weiss-Temkin.
Our Chair, Dr. Patricia Rachal

You can also leave a detailed message and a call-back number to our office phone (718)997-5470.

Stay safe, and we hope to see you again soon.


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