Frequently Asked Questions

What Kinds of Problems Can You Help Me With?

Adult clients come to QCPC for help with a wide range of concerns and problems. Here are some examples:
• Alleviating suffering from distressing psychological symptoms (e.g. depression, anxiety, trauma, social anxiety, sleep disturbance)
• Changing behaviors that impact interpersonal relationships, personal achievement, and quality of life
• Improving self esteem and body image concerns
• Coping with health issues, medical conditions and disabilities
• Coping with grief and bereavement
• Adjusting to phase of life transitions and changing life circumstances
• Solving family, couple’s and parenting problems
• Learning skills to improve interpersonal/relational functioning
• Healing the impact of negative life experiences

For Children and Adolescents, typical problems may include:
• Stress and anxiety (separation anxiety, fears, phobias, trauma, selective mutism)
• Parent child relationship difficulties
• Adjustment to changing life circumstances
• Social skills deficits, difficulties with peer relationships
• Academic underachievement, homework difficulties, low motivation, school refusal
• Depression, mood or emotional difficulties, grief
• ADHD, impulsivity, disorganization
• Tantrums, aggression, defiance, disobedience, oppositional behavior
• Problems with routines, sleeping, toileting and eating

What are the Fees for Services?
One of our primary goals is to provide affordable mental health services to the community.
There is an initial fee of $25 for all new applicants for consultation, psychotherapy, or counseling services.
This fee may be reduced in the instance of financial need).

After the initial consultation, fees for services will be determined based on a sliding scale, taking into account personal and/or family income.
QCPC does not accept third party insurance, Medicaid or Medicare. QCPC does not accept credit card payment.

What is the General Procedure to Obtain Services?
After a brief phone screening, if it seems that the clinic can provide the services that the client is requesting, they will be scheduled to come to the clinic to
participate in an initial screening interview. One or more sessions will be scheduled to complete a comprehensive biopsychosocial evaluation.
Based on this assessment, recommendations and treatment options will be discussed with the client.

What Services do You not Offer?
QCPC is a training facility providing psychosocial services and cannot admit a client who requires services outside our scope of practice,
or a higher level of care than the clinic can offer. In such a case every effort will be made to help identify appropriate alternatives and community resources.

While we offer a wide range of psychosocial services, we do not offer walk-in or emergency care, substance abuse treatment,
forensic evaluations (e.g. child custody), day treatment, inpatient care, medical services or prescriptions.

Who will be my Therapist?
Services are provided by doctoral candidates in our PhD Program in Clinical Psychology with emphasis in Neuropsychology who are closely supervised by experienced and licensed faculty.

As the training clinic for the PhD Program in Clinical Psychology with emphasis in Neuropsychology, Queens College, City University of New York;
our mission is to provide excellent and affordable psychological services to the community while making sure our doctoral students have appropriate training opportunities for their development as psychologists.

Our Trainees are up to date on the latest knowledge in the field and are experts at critically examining the latest scientific findings.
This includes the newest and most effective treatments available. We specifically train our students to use these treatments through classroom work (advanced courses in
clinical psychological assessment and intervention), didactic materials and intensive supervision and monitoring by clinical faculty( assuring that a client’s treatment is very closely
monitored by an experienced licensed psychologist.) The quality of psychological services rendered to the community is of the highest priority.

What is "Evidence Based" Psychological Treatment?
QCPC offers compassionate, high quality, “evidence-based”, affordable mental health services.
QCPC is dedicated to providing “evidence-based” psychological treatment.
This means that we use the most effective approaches to treatment based upon the best scientific evidence available.

Will my Treatment be Confidential?
Every effort is made to keep a client’s services strictly confidential. All staff members are trained to protect a client’s privacy.
Although rare, there are a few situations when the clinic may be required to disclose information without a client’s authorization.
These will be explained to clients on their first contact with the clinic.

How do I make an Appointment to Discuss my Situation?
For more information about QCPC’s services or to make an appointment please call the QCPC REFERRAL LINE PHONE at 718.570.0500.
Should you get our voicemail, please speak slowly and repeat your name and phone number twice. We will return your call promptly.



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