Ronald Lawson
Professor Emeritus, PhD, University of Queensland: housing, tenant-landlord relations, protest and religious movements.


Ronald Lawson, a sociologist, published a groundbreaking study of the history of New York City's tenant movements. Following the publication of this work, Lawson turned his attention to urban religious movements. This has involved, especially, a decades-long study of the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist movement. Lawson brings students of diverse faiths together to study the potential of religious denominations for local community development and social reform. Lawson's research focus is on the communities of New York, where he examines the community development, social service, and immigrant integration roles of urban churches.

Lawson has taught courses on Landlord-Tenant Politics, Protest Movements, Religious Movements, and Religion and Politics. In the latter course, he looks at religiously-based political movements of both the Right and Left (e.g., the Christian Coalition and the Industrial Arts Foundation) and their impact on policies influencing the urban environment.


Telephone: (718) 441 7205

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