Stephen Steinberg
Distinguished Professor, PhD, University of California/Berkeley: Race, ethnicity, and immigration; urban sociology; sociology of knowledge.


Stephen Steinberg, a sociologist, is an internationally renowned authority on race and ethnicity in the United States. His most recent book, Race Relations: A Critique (Stanford University Press, 2007), was featured in the Research & Books Column of the Chronicle of Higher Education: “A Sociologist Offers a Harsh Assessment of How His Discipline Treats Race Relations,” by David Glenn.

Steinberg’s previous book, Turning Back: The Retreat from Racial Justice in American Thought and Policy (Beacon Press, 1995 & 2001), was included in Choice Magazine’s 1996 list of Outstanding Academic Books, and received the Oliver Cromwell Cox Award for Distinguished Anti-Racist Scholarship. The Ethnic Myth (1982, 1989, 2001) is widely recognized as one of the leading critical interpretations of race, ethnicity, and class in America. Other books include The Academic Melting Pot and The Tenacity of Prejudice.

Recent papers include:

·        “The Role of Race in the Devolution of the Left,” LOGOS (2011: Vol. 10, issue 2):

·        “Poor Reason: Culture still doesn’t explain poverty.” Boston Review (January 13, 2011):

·       "The Myth of Concentrated Poverty" in The Integration Debate: Competing Futures for American Cities, Ed. by Chester Hartman and Gregory D. Squires (Routledge, 2010)

Steinberg teaches courses on Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration and Race, Ethnicity, and Public Policy. He also teaches the required graduate and undergraduate course on Urban Research Methods, an innovative course that emphasizes the development of critical skills in reading and interpreting social science research. His interest in improving the quality of student research and writing is reflected in a book that he co-authored with Sharon Friedman, Writing and Thinking in the Social Sciences (Prentice-Hall, 1989).


Office: Powdermaker Rm. 250
Telephone: (718) 997 5130



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