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Melissa Checker PhD, New York University. U.S. social movements, race, class and ethnicity in the U.S., urban environmentalism, environmental justice, climate justice. mchecker@qc.cuny.edu
Dana-ain Davis Ph.D.  Graduate Center, City University of New York.  Urban anthropology, gender, race, public policy, participatory action research, Black Studies, feminist theory. dana.davis@qc.cuny.edu
Martin Hanlon

PhD, Columbia University: Public management, workforce issues, transportation policy. Director, Master of Arts in Social Science

Tarry Hum PhD, UCLA School of Public Policy and Social Research: urban planning, immigration, Asian-American issues tarry.hum@qc.cuny.edu
Christos Ioannides PhD, University of Pennsylvania: Greek-American community, Greek-American relations. Director, Center for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies christos.ioannides@qc.cuny.edu
Madhulika Khandelwal PhD, Carnegie-Mellon University: Asian-American communities, South Asian diaspora. Director, Asian/American Center madhulika.khandelwal@qc.cuny.edu
Jeff Maskovsky Ph.D. Temple University Urban ethnography; social movements; difference and inequality. jeff.maskovsky@qc.cuny.edu
William Muraskin PhD, University of California Berkeley: social/urban history, health and disease william.muraskin@qc.cuny.edu
Leonard Rodberg PhD, MIT: Health care, global climate change, urban data leonard.rodberg@qc.cuny.edu
Alice Sardell PhD, NYU: Health policy, urban and community politics alice.sardell@qc.cuny.edu
John E. Seley PhD, University of Pennsylvania: Urban planning, public policy, geography john.seley@qc.cuny.edu
Marcia Bayne Smith  DSW, Columbia University:
Community organization, immigration
Stephen Steinberg PhD University of California/Berkeley: Race, ethnicity, and immigration; urban sociology; sociology of knowledge. ssteinberg1@gc.cuny.edu

Adjunct Faculty

Rodney Benson: criminal justice, public administration

Martin Eisenberg: urban poverty, research methods, urban diversity, community organization

Giuseppe Fortuna: sociology, urban theory

Jonathan Gaska: land use planning, urban politics

Keith Howard: human resource management and law

Michael Musuraca: labor relations, public employee unions

Manuel Rosa: urban services, urban politics

James Vacca: urban poverty, urban politics

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