Graduate Program.

Master of Arts in Urban Affairs:

Graduate students in Urban Studies can prepare for professional work in urban administration, organization and policy, particularly in the public and non-profit sectors. The MA degree requires the completion of 30 credits, including a 12-credit required core sequence  and 18 credits in other Urban Studies or related courses. Students not employed in an urban-related field are encouraged to take 3-6 credits of Fieldwork. Where appropriate, 3-12 graduate credits may be taken in other departments, subject to the approval of the Graduate Advisor. 

Students must submit and obtain approval for at least two research papers prepared in connection with two of their courses. These papers will be used to evaluate the studentís ability to investigate and analyze urban issues and policies. Students also have the option of preparing a thesis or capstone paper evaluating an area of social policy or reporting on data collected by the student. Completion of the course of study involves a comprehensive examination in the area of the student's course of study.

Required Courses:

Bullet Orange Cube IconUrban Studies 620 (Urban Research Writing)

Bullet Orange Cube IconUrban Studies 724 (Introduction to Public Policy)
Urban Studies 725 (Urban Research Methods)

Either Urban Studies 727 (Public Management)

        or    Urban Studies 745 (Community Organization)

Highlights of Urban Studies Courses:

  • Process of policymaking in urban America
  • Race, ethnicity, income, and class in American life.
  • Nature of community in urban America.
  • Improving the delivery of public services.
  • Formation and evolution of social and political movements.
  • Causes and remedies of homelessness.
  • Critical reading and interpretation of social science research.
  • Acquisition and analysis of urban data.

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