Department Information

Department Chair: Leonard S. Rodberg
Associate Chair for Graduate Studies: Dana-ain Davis
Undergraduate Advisor: Jeff Maskovsky
Evening Undergraduate Advisor: Alice Sardell
Service Learning Advisor: Melissa Checker
Environmental Studies Program Advisor: Melissa Checker
Graduate Advisor: William Muraskin
Departmental Secretary: Jeanne Chan
Office Assistant: Barbara Gold

Dept. Office: Powdermaker Hall, Room 250
                       Telephone:  718-997-5130

The Urban Studies Department at Queens College offers an interdisciplinary program focused on the study of cities with particular emphasis on urban problems, urban politics, and urban subcultures. Our faculty span nearly all social science disciplines: sociology, political science, anthropology, economics, history, urban planning, and public administration. These varied disciplines provide our students with diverse and complementary perspectives on urban life.

A hallmark of our department is its policy orientation: we not only study the historical and social basis of urban problems, we focus on practical solutions, through social policy, for addressing and alleviating these problems. The Urban Studies Major offers students a wide choice of courses across policy areas of current interest. The Urban Studies Minor offers students who major in one of the other social science disciplines an opportunity to round out their major with a cluster of courses having a policy orientation.


Another notable feature of our department's program is its occupational relevance. Our undergraduate and graduate curricula prepare students interested in careers in government or in the non-profit sector as well as in law, journalism, social work, the health professions, and work with community organizations. Urban Studies Fieldwork offers students a unique opportunity to gain experience and to explore possible avenues for future employment.

Urban Studies faculty have experience in many areas of public policy:

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health services and planning
city and neighborhood planning
community organization
immigration and immigrant communities
energy planning
criminal justice
urban data analysis
labor relations

Urban Studies bridges the gap between academic scholarship and public policy. Our courses introduce students to theories of urban social and economic development and planning, but we are equally concerned with practical strategies for solving urban problems. We focus especially on New York City but draw examples from other cities and countries as well.

Many of our courses include a field component that encourages the application of classroom learning to the real world. We offer courses that are intellectually stimulating and, at the same time, socially relevant. We welcome students who bring a social consciousness to the intellectual enterprise.

Students have an opportunity to gain practical experience through our Internship Program, which places students in city agencies, community organizations, and voluntary groups concerned with urban problems. Students may also develop their research skills by participating in the work of the Department's Office of Community Studies and the Asian/American Center.

As a small department, we promote a close working relationship between students and faculty.

Urban Studies Department

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Flushing, NY 11367


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