Aside from this website, there are a number of additional resources to help with your writing:

  1. Your professor may agree to read a first draft of a paper and offer advice on its style and content. As he or she is under no obligation to do so, this should be established clearly in advance. If your professor is wiling to review your work, show your appreciation by submitting a proof-read draft in a timely manner - not at the last possible minute. Also consider asking peers to read and critique your work.
  2. The Queens College Writing Center in Room 232, Kiely Hall, (718) 997-5676, offers one-on-one in-person and online tutoring and multi-session mini-classes designed to assist students in improving writing skills and learning research techniques. Visit their website at
  3. Recommended for history students in particular are the CUNY Writing Fellows working for the Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) program - look for fellows identified as "Supporting the Division of the Social Sciences" on the program website, at