Academic Senate

Campus Affairs, Environment and Graduation Advisory Committee

Academic Senate, Queens College

1. Duties:

a) The committee shall review proposals to name campus buildings or parts thereof and the creation of memorials and shall make its recommendations to the Academic Senate.

b) To propose a single or multi-year calendar to the Academic Senate by no later than November of the year prior to its implementation.

c) To foster and stimulate interactions with the community at large in such areas as student work-study programs, joint fund raisers, cultural programs. Committee shall endeavor to maintain open communication and exchanges among student, faculty, staff and administrators.

d) To review, suggest and make recommendatons on any aspect of life concerned with the campus grounds within the understanding that major reconstructions are an administrative duty. This is to include plantings, landscaping and renovations of buildings as it pertains to external areas, entrance foyers and/or lobby (e.g. color scheme and accessories selection).

e) To develop policies related to non-instructional matters of campus life not already delegated to other committies.

f) To advise the College on all matters relating to the Graduation ceremony.

2. Membership: eight voting, eleven nonvoting

a) Four instuctional staff- one from each division, at least two must be faculty

b) Four students- one from each of four divisions

c) Ex officio nonvoting: Vice President for Student Affairs; Vice President for Finance and Administration; Director of Facilities Planning, Management, and Construction; Director of Student Union; Designee of College President; Representative of Q.C. Retirees; Representative of Q.C. Woman's Club; Assistant Vice President for Human Resources and Facilities; Campus Horticulturist, 2 Graduaton Coordinators designated by the College President.

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