Academic Senate

Committee on Undergraduate Admissions & Re-entry Standards
Academic Senate, Queens College

1. Duties:

a) To maintain liaison with College and University personnel responsible for developing special programs which might affect admission and external course work policies.

b) To maintain liaison with University personnel responsible for developing or changing admission, matriculation, and transfer credit criteria on a University wide basis, and to report any proposals for such changes to the Academic Senate.

c) To review and recommend to the Academic Senate College wide policies for undergraduate admission procedures and requirements.

d) To review and recommend to the Academic Senate College wide policies concerning the matriculation of non-degree students.

e) To review and recommend to the Academic Senate College wide policies on the acceptance of external course work towards a Queens College Baccalaureate Degree.

f) In consultation with all appropriate parties, to hear and act only upon those student appeals which result from the College-wide Academic Senate policies set forth in the areas of paragraphs c, d, and e.

i. When a committee member fails to review two groups of appeals, the Holder of the Chair of the Committee or the Holder of the Chair of the Academic Senate may petition the Executive Committee, in writing, to declare that member's seat vacant in accordance with the procedures stated in Article VII Section 19 c-f.

g) To act, in accordance with University mandates, on appeals from students who would otherwise be barred from admission because they had not passed all CUNY Skills Assessment Tests within their first 60 credits of college work.*

* University Policy no longer permits students to enter Queens College after Spring 2000 without having passed all parts of the CUNY Skills Assessment test.


2. Administration:

a) The responsibility for preparing and recording student appeals to College rulings on undergraduate admissions for matriculated and non-degree students, and on external course work evaluation is assigned to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and the International Student Services Office. Such preparation shall include:

1. Collecting supporting material for student appeal cases.

2. Presenting appeal cases to the Committee for decision.

3. Reporting Committee decisions to students.

4. Maintaining records of appeals and decisions, and preparing summary reports as required.

5. Advising students of their right to appeal admissions and re-entry (including Fresh Start) decisions directly to the Committee. This appeal right is subject to the Committee's determination that such an appeal not be heard.

b) The Executive Director of Admissions, Marketing and Scholarship Services or her/his designees shall be responsible for the administrative services required by the Committee. Such responsibility shall include:

1. Working with the Committee and its Chairperson to see that College policy is clear, appropriate in substance and form and applied fairly and equitably.

2. Drafting new or revised proposed policies for the Committee's consideration as required.

3. Carrying out other Committee directives, e.g., interviews as appropriate.

c) The Director of the International Student Services Office or her/his designee, shall have the responsibilities outlined in a) and b) above for all appeals and policy implementation which involve international students.

3. Membership: ten voting, five nonvoting.

a) Faculty: one from each of four divisions, one at large

Students: one from each of four divisions, one at large

b) Ex officio nonvoting: Director of Institutional Research Registrar Executive Director of Admissions, Marketing, and Scholarship Services Executive Officer of the Undergraduate Scholastic Standards Committee Director of Academic Skills and Resource Center

Chair person: Joyce Tang