Academic Senate

Executive Committee
Academic Senate, Queens College

1. Duties: In accordance with Section VI, part B, of the Academic Senate Charter:

a) Shall be responsible for proposing agenda for all Senate meetings in accordance with Article V, Section 5, of the Senate Bylaws. b) Shall act for the Academic Senate between regular meetings subject to review by the full Senate. c) Shall be responsible for planning, obtaining, and allocating the Senate budget. d) Shall have authority to declare vacancies on Senate Committees in accordance with Article VII, Sections 18 and 19 of the Senate Bylaws. When Article VII, Section l8 or 19 applies to a member of the Executive Committee, either the chairperson or deputy chairperson may initiate the petition. e) Shall resolve challenges pertaining to Senate Committees in accordance with Article VII, Sections 13 and 23 of the Bylaws. f) Shall review all committee reports prior to placing them on the agenda and shall return to committee such reports as it deems necessary.

g) Shall make such recommendations as it deems necessary to the Academic Senate.

2. Membership: nine voting, two nonvoting. Voting membership shall be in accordance with Section VI of the Charter.

a) Ex officio nonvoting: Parliamentarian, P&B Executive Committee Chair

Chair person: Roberta Brody
Phone: 718-997-3766