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American Studies Program

In the years following WW II, American Studiies began as an interdisciplinary approach to the history and culture of the United States.  In the post-VIetnam era, however, students have become more deeply curious about the Western Hemisphere itself - the life of its peoples before the advent of Europeans, the languages and cultures of countries from Antarctica to Tierra del Fuego, the interaction of economies and governments.  We now think of American Studies as legitimately comprising issues and subjects found throughout the Western Hemisphere, broadening our scope and permitting us to see connections beyond national boundaries.

American Studies focuses on issues, problems, topics - and then examines them using methods of study drawn from several disciplines.  For example, one might study country music, using an approach through gender and methods of literary analysis, or examine the history of early mechanization in the US through a study of language and economics.  Interdisciplinary study offers an added dimension to subjects or issues and a lively freedom of approach.

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          * February 1-3, 2008 "Studies N Black" at the Brooklyn Arts Exchange (special student and low income rates)

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Walt Whitman in Queens

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December 2, 2005  - January 2, 2006 *** extended through January 12, 2006 ***
Exhibit by Queens College, at the Flushing Library of the Queens Borough Public Library,
                            Lower Level, outside the Auditorium

                     * Walt Whitman Garden Dedication / Exhibit - Queens College, July 14, 2005

          * This Little Light of Mine... I'm Gonna Let it Shine - an exhibit sponsored by Queens College; at the Flushing Library, Lower Level; Spring 2006

          * Slavery in NY, NY Historical Society's exhibit,   October 7, 2005 through March 5, 2006  *** extended through March 26, 2006 ***

          * Diane Bornstein Conference: Crossing Into Queens - Immigrant Experiences Today - at Queens College September 26, 2005

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