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Sample Newsletter - Spring 2000

March 2000: Newsletter #3


You are invited to a meeting of American Studies students on April 10, 2000 at Free Hour, 1-2 pm, in Klapper Hall 708. Our senior honors student, Charles Maciejewski, will discuss his teaching at the High School of American Studies. Meet American Studies majors and minors and hear about new directions for the program, especially for Elementary and Early Childhood and Secondary Education co-majors. Bring your lunch; drinks and cookies will be served. You may RSVP to Dr. Weidman by leaving a message on her voice-mail at (718) 997-4633.


In the interdisciplinary field of American Studies, new teaching techniques and new teaching sites are especially helpful. American Studies students learn by singing, by walking the city streets, by viewing art museum collections and by attending lectures and demonstrations at New York City's finest public institutions.

You can do your homework at the South Street Seaport! Propose an independent study project on the Port of New York, on the architechture of Lower Manhattan or on the immigrant experience. This spring the South Street Seaport, an open air museum of several city blocks along the waterfront, offers lectures and exhibits on all of these topics, among others. Sea chantey singalongs and concerts take place on Sundays and Wednesdays this month, when the musical legacies of African Americans and women will be honored. There are meet-the-author events and ongoing exhibitions. A great Honors Essay for our program can be researched at the Seaport. You can also quality for a credit-bearing internship. Call (212) 748-8600 or visit their website for more information.


The American Studies Program at the University of Kansas, in Lawrence, is holding its second annual Graduate Student Conference. The topic is "Memory, Autobiography, and DNA." Some of the subtopics include the science of testimony, memory and forgetting, slave narratives, memories of food. To learn more, check their website.

Even if you can't get to Kansas this spring, you might think about attending a graduate student conference at a university to which you contemplate going for graduate study. You'll meet people and get a good sense of the place and the fellowship opportunities available.


If you are a sophomore this year, you should give some thought to an opportunity for the summer between your junior and senior years. Historic Deerfield, a museum of New England History and Art in western Massachusetts, offers a fellowship program worth $7500, covering tuition, books, field trip expenses and room and board for nine weeks. Summer Fellows enjoy lectures, walking tours, views of historic houses and many other opportunities to study Early American History and Material Culture. Your individual research project can double as your American Studies Program Honors Essay! See Dr. Weidman for more information, or log onto their website, or contact Kenneth Hafertepe, Historic Deerfield Inc., Deerfield MA 01342.


You don't have to leave the country to leave QC for a semester! Some of the most refreshing study away programs take place right here in the U.S. One of the best is the Salt Documentatary Field Study Semester, housed in Portland, Maine. Salt offers instruction in field methodology and research, sound recording, archiving, documentary photography, advanced non-fiction writing and editing. Your academic credits come through the University of Maine, Wells College and Wheaton College. Fifteen credits are available in Fall and Spring semesters, six credits in summer. For information, call (207) 761-0660, e-mail or check out their website. You can also write to the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, P.O. Box 7800, 110 Exchange Street, Portland ME 04112-7800.


Increasingly, good jobs require graduate training. If you are thinking of doing graduate work in American Studies, here are a few interesting possibilities:

  1. University of Delaware Museum Studies Program: Some of the fellowship programs are co-sponsored with Winterthur and Longwood Gardens, two premier East Coast sites.
  2. Florida Atlantic University -- Ph.D. in Comparative Studies: The Public Intellectuals Program, with concentrations in such areas as public policy, mass media, environmentalism, race and ethnic conflict.
  3. University of Virginia School of Architechture: Program in Architechtural History and Historic Preservation.
  4. M.A. in Cultural Reporting, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, New York University.
  5. Fellowships are available from the Smithsonian Institution for graduate work in ten fields, from ecology to folklife.
  6. University of Michigan School of Social Work.
  7. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota: Four M.A. Programs.

For further information on any of these career pathways, see Dr. Weidman in Klapper 345 on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 2-4 pm, or call for an appointment at (718) 997-4633.

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