Anthropology 275       Reading Report 1
Disease in Prehistory       due 2/3

Answer the following questions based on Chapter 1 of Roberts, C. and K. Manchester. 1995.
The archaeology of Disease. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press. pp 1-14.
1. Explain the meanings of the following terms:
a) paleopathology, b) pathogen, c) lesion, d) pseudopathological lesion, e) Derbyshire neck, f) a water-born infection (give an example).
2. Which diseases are more likely to leave marks on a human skeleton, acute or chronic? Explain why.
3. Close contact with which domesticated animal(s) has been likely responsible for the introduction of measles to humans?
4. Which technological advances and activities have likely led to the spread of tetanus in prehistoric human populations?