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Graphic design is all around you. Design shapes our culture. It marks our past and foretells our future. Increasingly, corporations and businesses are recognizing the powerful influence graphic design has in all that we consume: magazines, books, advertising, music, food, film titles, clothes . . . It affects our society socially, politically, commercially, and publicly. Design shapes our belief systems about everyday life.

Graphic designers are problem solvers who take an idea and create visual communication that oftentimes has a significant impact on society. Beyond being a vocation, graphic designers are interpreters, adding expression and content to a variety of meaningful issues.

Queens College is a unique institution in which to study graphic design for two reasons: 1- It is located a very short distance from the design capital of the world, New York City, and 2- It provides the opportunity to study graphic design intensively within the framework of a sound liberal arts education. This second factor is especially important in that it is crucial for graphic designers to be knowledgeable about the world around them.

Queens College offers a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design degree that prepares students for the rapidly evolving profession. Coursework emphasizes both the basic principles of graphic design as well as ever-changing digital technology and prepares students for a variety of careers from print to multimedia. The assignments range from practical to experimental, all with the aim of allowing you to explore and discover your inner voice while learning about the practical aspects of design such as meeting deadlines and working with clients. In addition to classes, the program also offers many field trips and internships, both on and off campus, so that you can apply your lessons from the classroom to real-life situations.