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Art of Asia
The vast Asian continent stretches from the Near to the Far East. The diversity of geography, media, and historical periods is but a click away with these rewarding research tools.

Table of Contents:
Art of Asia: An Excellent Starting Point
Art of Asia: Diverse Regions
Art of Asia: Middle East
Art of Asia: East Asia
Art of Asia: Professional Opportunities
Art of Asia: Electronic Journals
Art of Asia: Images

Art of Asia: An Excellent Starting Point
Art of Asia. University of Maryland Libraries
Recommended "First Stop" for research projects.  An excellent subject guide on the arts of China, Japan, and India. Includes print and electronic resources.

Art of Asia: Diverse Regions
Information on art from the Near to the Far East.

Asia Society. Headquartered in New York City
The "Arts and Culture" section includes exhibitions, artists, and bibliographies.

Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
One of the largest museums in the Western world devoted to the arts of Asia.

Asian Civilizations Museum, Singapore
The art objects reflect the cultural diversity of Singapore. Links to other museums in Singapore.

Exploring Ancient World Cultures. An Introduction to Ancient World Cultures on the World-Wide Web. University of Evansville, Indiana
An on-line course supplement for anyone studying the ancient cultures of the Near East, India, and China. Includes chronologies, essays, and images.

Israel Museum. Jerusalem
The museum houses Israeli and East Asian art and archaeological collections, including the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York City
Selected works of Islamic, Near Eastern, Japanese, Chinese, and Southeast Asian art.

Metropolitan Museum of Art. Thomas J. Watson Library
"Selected Internet Resources: Arranged by Art Related Subjects" including Ancient Near Eastern Art, Asian Art, Islamic Art.

National Museums of Asian Art at the Smithsonian Institution. Arthur M. Sackler Gallery; Freer Gallery of Art. Washington, D.C.
The two national museums of Asian art at the Smithsonian Institution include art from Korea, India, South Asia, and the Near East.

University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
Excellent images and commentary on the museum's art objects and archaeological explorations in Japan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Iraq, Turkey, and Jordan. A highly interactive site.


Art of Asia: Middle East
Art from Middle Eastern countries including, Iran, Palestine, Syria, and Turkey.

The Oriental Institute, The University of Chicago
Antiquities from Egypt, Iran, Syria, Palestine, and Anatolia. Superb images and a virtual tour of the museum.

Art of Asia: East Asia
Asian art from the Far East including Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Tibet, and Singapore.

Chinese and Japanese Art History WWW Virtual Library
Extensive links, conference listings, positions available, and an extensive directory of graduate students in Asian art history.

Chronology of Japan's Fine Arts, based on Japan: A Pocket Guide, 1996
This brief chronology includes Japanese art from c. 7500 B.C. until the present.

Hong Kong WWW Virtual Library: Art-Music
Links to museums, art departments, and other art centers in Hong Kong.

Internet Guide for China Studies: Culture and Art
Art of China, Tibet, and Singapore.

Kyoto National Museum. Kyoto, Japan
Art from Japan, China, and Korea.  Includes a children's guide to the museum collection, as well as links to other museums.

National Palace Museum. Taipei, Taiwan
Treasures from 7,000 years of Chinese history.

Tokugawa Art Museum. Tokyo, Japan
Objects inherited from the first shogun and other national treasures.


Art of Asia: Professional Opportunities
University of Michigan, Newsletter, East Asian Art & Archaeology
An extensive listing of grants and fellowships.

See also:
Chinese and Japanese Art History WWW Virtual Library

Art of Asia: Electronic Journals
Asian Arts
Articles, exhibitions, and Asian associations, such as the China Exploration and Research Society.

Orientations, a magazine for collectors and connoisseurs of Asian Art
Published in Hong Kong, it includes the arts of East Asia, India, and Southeast Asia. Includes brief summaries of the articles and describes new books on Asian Art.

Art of Asia: Images
Cities/Buildings Archive. University of Washington, Department of Architecture
A database of architectural images from many Asian countries including Afghanistan, Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan.

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