You must take the CPE for the first time between the 45th and 60th credit. If you are a new transfer student with 45+ credits, you must take the CPE in your first semester at CUNY.
You may (but are not required to) take the CPE for the first time during the semester in which you register for your 45th credit.
You must be in good academic standing to take the CPE. Students whose GPA is below 2.0 may not take the CPE.

Retesting Limitations

You may take the CPE three times. Beginning in Spring 2004, if you are absent from the CPE it counts as a failure. Students who accumulate three CPE failures must appeal to the USSC (Undergraduate Scholastic Standards Committee) for permission to take the CPE a fourth time. Students who fail the CPE a fourth time will be converted to non-matriculated status.


Students with a bachelor's degree or higher from an accredited program are exempted from CPE requirements. There are no other exemptions.