Task 1 and Task 2 are scored separately by different groups of readers, with the responses to each task being read by two trained readers. Should the two readers disagree by more than a minimal amount, the response is read by a third reader.

Task 1: Analytical Reading and Writing. Four criteria are used to rate an essay on a scale of six points. These criteria are:
· Developing an essay that is a focused response to the writing assignment, making appropriate connections among all parts of the assignment;
· Demonstrating understanding of the readings through summary and explanation of relevant material;
· Incorporating, as support for your own thoughts, appropriate references to the readings, identifying the sources formally or informally;
· Communicating clearly and effectively, using appropriate conventions of language (e.g., word choice, grammar, punctuation, spelling).

Task 2: Analyzing and Integrating Material from Graphs and Text.

The criteria used to rate your response are: