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Welcome to the website of Bordighera Press, a “small” Italian/American publishing house that specializes in projects dealing with the culture of Italy and that of the Italians in the Americas, specifically North America and the United States.

We make no excuses for being “small”; we do a limited list of select titles per year and we like it this way. We are different, we believe, because among what we publish are also those works that, while most worthy of publication, may not always see the light of day for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with their inherent quality.

Our books have opened doors that had previously seemed to be sometimes hermetically sealed. Others have become required texts at colleges and universities, and others still have won national and international awards.

Equally significant, we believe, is our poetry contest, The Bordighera Poetry Prize, which gives voice to some of our better poets and, through the accompanying Italian translation, allows access to audiences in Italy. The Prize is generously funded by the Sonia Raizzis Giop Charitable Foundation. For this, we owe an immense debt to Alfredo Giop de Palchi, cultural broker par excellence and poet extraordinaire in his own right. We are privileged indeed!

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