Counseling Programs

The Institute supports specialized counseling programs designed to address the educational needs of the Italian American community.

A major component of the Calandra Institute's specialized counseling unit is outreach services to Italian-American students in high schools and CUNY colleges. This service enables counselors to have a positive impact on Italian-American students at various stages of their development. This multifaceted outreach program assigns counselors to high school and campus settings in order to promote interest in higher education, strengthen retention efforts, and coordinate cultural events sponsored by student clubs. The program aims to have a positive impact on ethnic identity at various stages of student development.

High School

At both public and parochial schools, counselors promote interest in higher education through career/college counseling, career testing/assessment, and through presentations and information dissemination. Counselors arrange trips to various CUNY campuses and work closely with high school drop out prevention programs that target at-risk Italian-American students. In addition, counselors provide cultural enrichment through a variety of activities, such as films/videos, lectures/presentations, and trips to museums and other points of interest to Italian-Americans.


Counselors are assigned to a number of CUNY campuses, providing support to Italian-American students navigating the maze of higher education. The retention and development of these students is of prime concern to the Calandra Institute, and is accomplished by several means. Career and academic counseling is provided, as is information on scholarships and Calandra internship opportunities. Counselors assist students at community colleges to develop and refine plans for continuing their studies at senior institutions, and help undergraduates with plans for graduate education.

Social, cultural, and leadership activities are an important part of a college student's ongoing development. Toward this end, counselors help establish and develop, as well as provide advice to Italian-American student clubs on the various campuses. They coordinate club-sponsored cultural activities and other events and celebrations sponsored by the Institute and the greater campus community. This type of activity reaches a peak during Italian Heritage and Culture Month each October.