Dominick Carielli, PhD

Dominick Carielli, Ph.D.

Dr. Dominick Carielli serves as Director of the Center for Italian American Studies at Brooklyn College, where he is responsible for directing the Center’s activities and developing counseling initiatives and cultural and educational programs for students, faculty, and staff. He has been a Calandra Institute counselor since 1985. Dr. Carielli received his B.A. in psychology and his M.A. in College Counseling and Student Development from Hunter College. He earned his Ph.D. in counseling psychology from Fordham University. Dr. Carielli has served as President of the New York Mental Health Counselors Association, is a NYS Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and is licensure-  eligible as a psychologist in NYS. He specializes in assessing and treating depression and anxiety, and has an extensive background in career development. He conducts individual and group sessions on deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and guided imagery. Dr. Carielli has taught at the undergraduate and graduate level, authored book chapters and articles, and presented at numerous local, state, and national conferences.