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John D. Calandra Italian American Institute



The John D. Calandra Italian American Institute of The City University of New York began as the Italian American Institute to Foster Higher Education.  In 1978, New York State Senator John D. Calandra, then chairperson of the Italian Legislative Caucus, called for the creation of an Italian-American institute to address historical, sociological, political, and cultural issues.  The New York conference of Italian-American State Legislators initially funded the Institution in 1979 to address the educational needs and concerns expressed by Italian-American students, faculty and staff at CUNY.  Eight years later, the Institute was renamed in honor of the late Senator John D. Calandra.  In 1995, the CUNY Board of Trustees officially designated the Institute as a university-wide research institute devoted to documenting and preserving the Italian-American experience, under the aegis of Queens College. 

The Italian American Faculty and Staff Advisory Council has its origin with Chancellor Kibbee's directive appointing chairpersons of Italian American advisory committees at each CUNY college.  The Council objectives are to advise the college presidents and Chancellor through the work of the Institute and its Dean on concerns affecting the University’s Italian American community and to safeguard accountability for Italian American personnel within the University.  Additionally, campus delegates articulate the needs of students, faculty and staff at the individual campuses and deliberate ways in which the Institute can address them.

Executive Committee
Chair: Donna Chirico, York College
1st Vice Chair: Maria Enrico, BMCC
2nd Vice Chair:  John Rose, Hunter College
Treasurer: Giulia Guarnieri, Bronx Community
Recording Secretary: Fabio Girelli-Carasi, Brooklyn
Parliamentarian: Maryann Feola, CSI


Campus Delegates*

Michael Lovaglio - Alternate

Maria Enrico,
Tom Means - Alternate

Bronx Community
Giulia Guarnieri

Fabio Girelli-Carasi,
Jillian Cavanaugh - Alternate

College of Staten Island
Maryann Feola,
Giancarlo Lombardi - Alternate

Maria Grieco

John Rose,
Carmen Morano - Alternate

John Jay
Janet Rubel,
Rosalie Macaluso - Alternate

Angela Toscano

Pauline Spatafora,
Patricia M. Dillon - Alternate

Mario Dellapina

Medgar Evers College
Janice Zummo

New York City Tech
Concetta Mennella

David D’Amato,
Diane Forte- Alternate

Gina Capozzoli

Donna Chirico

Calandra Institute
Dean Anthony Tamburri, ex officio


*Not all campuses currently have representation.

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