ITALICS: July 29, 2015 Maria Lisella, Queens Poet Laureate/Prof. Margherita Summer

Queens Poet Laureate, Maria Lisella, talks with Anthony Tamburri. Professoressa Margherita (Laura Caparrotti) teaches us Italian summertime words.

Native New Yorker Maria Lisella is a journalist specializing in travel. She is also a poet: her latest poetry collection is titled “Thieves in the Family.” she has produced two chapbooks: “Amore on Hope Street” and “Two Naked Feet .” Maria co-curates the Italian American Writers Association readings in New York City; is vice president of the Vito Marcantonio Forum; and has recently been named Queens Poet Laureate.

Roberto Saviano, director of the critically-acclaimed 2008 film Gomorrah, speaks at the CUNY Graduate Center about the very real presence of the mafia in Naples, Italy, and Nancy Pelosi speaks at the signing for her new book Know Your Power: A Message to America's Daughters.
In memory of those who died in the September 11th, 2001 attacks, a delegation from Venice, Italy conveyed the sacred relics of Santa Barbara, the patron saint of firefighters, to the site of the World Trade Center.  Next, correspondent Lucia Grillo interviews Joseph Sciorra at the feast of the Madonna Nera di Tindari of the Sicilian community on Manhattan's Lower East Side.  Finally, we get a preview of upcoming events at the Calandra Institute for Fall 2008.
A re-broadcast of Philip Cannistraro's February 1997 interview with eminent immigration historian Rudolph Vecoli.
The National Organization for Italian-American Women hosts a Gala Luncheon honoring chef Rachael Ray and her mother, Elsa Scuderi.  Next, Dean Anthony Tamburri chats with Professor Peter Carravetta as he is officially appointed the first holder of the Alfonse M. D'Amato chair at SUNY Stony Brook University.  Then, footage from La Festa della Reppublica in honor of the new Republic of Italy founded in 1946 after World War II.  Finally, a special tribute to Rudolph J. Vecoli, professor of history at the University of Minnesota and founder of the American Italian Historical Association.
As the College Board considers eliminating the Advancent Placement exam in Italian, after just two and a half years of its existence, Dean Anthony Tamburri has a roundtable discussion with Honorable Francesco Maria Talo, Consul General of Italy in New York, and Joseph Sciame, President of the Italian Heritage and Cultural Committee of New York.
Anthony Tamburri, Ph.D., discusses Golden Door (2006) with director Emanuele Crialese and actor Vincenzo Amato, and Joseph Scelsa bids a fond farewell.
Dean Anthony Tamburri, Ph. D. interviews Donna Lopiano, former Chairwoman of the Women's Sports Foundation, and the National Organization of Italian American Women honors Janet DiFiore, District Attorney of Westchester County, and Vincenzo Luccarelli at a Gala Luncheon.
A recap of the National Italian American Foundation's 32nd Annual Conference and Gala Awards Dinner.  Honorees included Martin Scorcese, Nancy Pelosi, and Rudolph Giuliani, and the ceremonies were graced by such attendees as Supreme Court Justices Samuel Alito and Anthony Scalia, CNBC anchorwoman Maria Bartiromo, and Yankee legend Yogi Berra.
Dr. Joseph Sciorra, noted folklorist, discusses present and upcoming events at the Calandra Institute, and Dr. Vincenzo Milione, expert demographer of Italian-American immigration, outlines the influence of Italian-Americans in the communities of New York.

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