Giuseppe De Santis Centennial: "A New Way to Entertainment, to Political and Militant Cinema"

From March 30 to April 01, 2017
( 12:00 am - 12:00 am )

Giuseppe De Santis Centennial: "A New Way to Entertainment, to Political and Militant Cinema"

Giuseppe De Santis’ Centennial: "A New Way to Entertainment, to Political and Militant Cinema"

Organized by Luci e Ombre (Online Journal of Italian Cinema) and hosted by Dean Anthony Tamburri

With the special participation of Gordana Militic-De Santis, Plinio Perilli, and Marco Grassi, Associazione Giuseppe De Santis.

This symposium celebrates Giuseppe De Santis’ contributions to cinema, film studies and political intellectual engagement, which have left an indelible mark on International cinema. His creative writings as a young critic have stimulated discussions about the birth of a new concept of cinema, namely its role not only as in instrument to promote cinematic and cultural innovations, but also as a means to promote democracy, equality and social justice. His essays have enlightened filmmakers about themes that lie at the base of Neorealism, the much discussed enduring movement, with regard to interpretation and inspiration for renewal. For that reason, we want to remember De Santis’ unique new cinematic style and militant career. 

PARTICIPANTS: Alicia Vitti  • Leonardo Cabrini •  Sebastiano Lucci • Antonio C. Vitti • Caroline Tavalia • Maria Rosaria Alexander-Vitti • Plinio Perilli • Carlotta Vacchelli • Gloria Pastorino • Marco Grossi • Gordana Militic-De Santis • Anthony Tamburri • Alexandra Catrickes • Rémi Lanzoni

The following films will be screened:


Thursday, March 30: 

5:00PM Special screening of a film by Andrea D'Ambrosio: Due euro l'ora (2016), co-written with screenwriter Donata Carelli, is a film about the South, work, love and fleeting youth, and women who struggle and hope for a different and better life. In his early days, D'Ambrosio was a student of De Santis's.

7:00PM Bitter Rice (1950), This film launched the stardom of Silvana Mangano and was a landmark of the new cinematic style. It also earned De Santis an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Story.

Friday, March 31:

7:00PM Roma ore 11 (Rome 11 o'clock) (1952).

Saturday, April I:

7:00PM Giuseppe De Santis (2008), a documentary by Carlo Lizzani.

Music from movies filmed in the Ciociaria by the Rocca Bros.

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