A central mission of the John D. Calandra Italian American Institute is to conduct, support and encourage research on the Italian-American experience within The City University of New York and the academic community at large.

The Institute’s research objectives are:

• Conduct, assist, and support ongoing research on Italian-American Occupational and educational attainment;
• Conduct, assist, and analyze experiential and cultural research on Italian-Americans;
• Conduct public policy analyses and otherwise contribute to public affairs through consultative and information services to public officials, community leaders, legislators and human services providers; provide research opportunities for faculty and students;
• Disseminate research findings through reports, conferences, lectures, seminars and symposia to academia, government, industry and the civic community;
• The Institute sponsors an annual national conference on Italian-American Studies attended by national and international scholars;
• Special seminars and conferences are also sponsored to address specific areas: history, literature, arts, political thought, urban and regional studies, women's studies, language and culture education, etc.

Dr. Anthony Julian Tamburri
Dean and Executive Director
Professor of Italian and Italian/American Studies

Dr. Fred L. Gardaphé
Distinguished Professor of English and Italian American Studies

Dr. Vincenzo Milione
Director of Demographic Studies

Dr. Joseph Sciorra
Associate Director of Academic and Cultural Programs