Italian American Review Winter 2012 Volume 2 Number 1

Italian American Review
Winter 2012 Volume 2 Number 1

Garlic Eaters: Reform and Resistance a Tavola, by Rocco Marinaccio

Considerations of Esaurimento Nervoso: A Cultural Model of “Nerves” for Italian-American Patients Suffering from Mental Illness, by Silvia Fiammenghi

Vincenzo Ancona (1915–2000): A Remembrance, by Antonino Provenzano

Delizia!: The Epic History of the Italians and Their Food (John Dickie)
Pomodoro!: A History of the Tomato in Italy (David Gentilcore)
How Italian Food Conquered the World (John F. Mariani)
by Fabio Parasecoli

Emigrant Nation: The Making of Italy Abroad (Mark I. Choate), by Maddalena Tirabassi

Il fascismo e gli italiani all’estero (Matteo Pretelli), by Nunzio Pernicone

For Both Cross and Flag: Catholic Action, Anti-Catholicism, and National Security Politics in World War II San Francisco (William Issel), by Michael Carroll

The Urban Colonists: Italian American Identity and Politics in Utica (Philip A. Bean), by Rodrigo Praino

Terroni: Tutto quello che è stato fatto perché gli italiani del sud diventassero “meridionali” (Pino Aprile), by Guido Tintori

Confessions of an Italian American (Fred Zara)
Average Community (Fred Zara)
by Steven J. Belluscio

The Anatomy of Vince Guaraldi (Andrew Thomas and Toby Gleason), by Anthony Scotto

Ferlinghetti (Christopher Felver), by Alan J. Gravano

Totó (Peter Schreiner), by Frank Tomasulo

Pane Amaro (Bitter Bread): The Italian American Journey from Despised Immigrants to Honored Citizens (Gianfranco Norelli and Suma Kurien)
Pane amaro (Versione Rai Tre) (Gianfranco Norelli and Suma Kurien)
by Linda Reeder

Ho fatto il mio coraggio (Giovanni Princigalli), by Sonia Cancian

Guitar Heroes: Legendary Craftsmen from Italy to New York (Jayson Kerr Dobney, curator), by Tom Van Buren