Women’s History Month Special. This episode focuses on Italian American women in the public eye. Pop icon who often refers to, embraces, and sometimes seemingly desperately clings to her Italian roots: Madonna Louise Ciccone, aka Madonna. Kay Turner (The New School) and Chris Cuomo (University of Georgia) discuss the “Material Girl” as Italian American woman. Valerie Smaldone, one of America’s favorite voices, in radio, commercials, and television, on her multifarious career as a media personality and entrepreneur, women in media, and not being afraid to “be fabulous.” Professor Margherita gives us a lesson on Italian words for this month, dedicated to women.
In honor of Black History Month, “Italics” looks at the role of the press – both radical and mainstream - in the assimilation of Italian immigrants to the dominant white culture from 1886 through 1920 and its relevance in thinking about racism in our society today, and amidst recent outpourings of the masses into the streets for #BlackLivesMatter. Scholar Peter Vellon (Queens College/CUNY) explores this in his new book, “A Great Conspiracy Against Our Race: Italian Immigrant Newspapers and the Construction of Whiteness in the Early 20th Century.“ “Italics” catches up with Mr. Vellon and Dr. Joseph Sciorra at the Calandra Institute. Professor Margherita talks of love, in it’s various forms, with February’s Italian words of the month.
Mario Cuomo, son of immigrants, was the first elected Italian American - and longest-running democratic - Governor of New York State, courageously defending his political stances such as steadfastly upholding women’s rights to abortion and fighting the death penalty, despite risking votes. To commemorate the late statesman are John Calvelli, Executive Vice President of both the Wildlife Conservation Society, and the National Italian American Foundation; Joseph Sciame, Vice President for Community Relations at St. John’s University, and Chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major Italian American Organizations; and Jeanne Zaino, Professor of Political Science and International Studies at Iona College.
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Italian American Review
Summer 2015 Volume 5 Number 1

Efrem Bartoletti in the Mesabi Range: A Wobbly's Efforts fo Mobilize Immigrant Italian Miners, by Thierry Rinaldetti

The Afterlife of a Classical Text: Representing Ethnicity in the Stage Productions of Marty, by Jonathan J. Cavallero

Italoamericana: The Literature of the Great Migration, 1880-1943 (Francesco Durante, editor; Robert Viscusi, editor of American edition), by Bruno Ramirez

Il voto degli altri: Rappresentanza e scelte elettoriali degli italiani all'estero (Guido Tintori, editor), by Barbara Faedda

The Sopranos: Born under a Bad Sign (Franco Ricci), by Michael R. Frontani

In Search of Sacco and Vanzetti: Double Lives, Troubled Times, and the Massachusetts Murder Case That Shook the World (Susan Tejada), by Michele Fazio

The Mystery of San Nicandro (Roger Pyke), by Stuart Klawans

Texan Italian Stories (Sergio Carvajal-Leoni), by Giovanna P. Del Negro

Way Down in the Hole (Alex Johnston), by Caroline Merithew

It's in Our Very Name: The Italian Heritage of Syracuse (Dennis Connors, curator), by Felicia R. McMahon


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