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( 06:00 pm - 07:30 pm )
On this episode of ITALICS, we’ll go to the Art Students League in Manhattan, where sculpture professor, Dionisio Cimarelli, talks about his major works – created in China – and a special technique he invented in order to execute a particular piece. ITALICS continues its series, “Italian Americans in Journalism,” with Anthony Fasano and Dolores Alfieri of the “Italian American Podcast.”
ITALICS celebrates Women’s History Month! In this One-Hour Special, ITALICS talks to publisher and novelist, Louisa Ermelino; and four women of the theatre: Donna de Matteo, Karen Malpede, Eva Minemar, and Nicole Pandolfo.
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Italian American Review
Winter 2016 Volume 6 Number 1

Introduction to the Special Issue on Organized Crime, by IAR Editor Joseph Sciorra

Mafia Emergence: What Kind of State?, by Jane Schneider

"No Mafia Here": Crime, Race, and the Narrative of San Francisco's Italian American "Model Colony," by Tommaso Caiazza

Early Representations of Organized Crime and Issues of Identity in the Italian American Press (1890 to 1910), by Marina Cacioppo

An Examination of Mafia Spectatorship Phenomena from a Psychological Perspective, by Anthony Tasso

Revisiting the Link Between Italian Americans and Organized Crime: The Italian Americans in the Community Context, by Louis Corsino

Havana, Cuba: Contraband Capitalism and Criminal Organization, by Peter Schneider

America nuova terra promessa: Storie di ebrei italiani in fuga dal fascismo (Gianna Pontecorboli)
by Alessandra Gissi

Farms, Factories, and Familie: Italian American Women of Connecticut (Anthony Riccio)
by John R. Mitrano

Trilingual Talk in Sicilian-Australian Migrant Families: Playing Out Identities Through Language Alternation (Nina Rubino)
by Gaetano Rando

A Great Conspiracy against Our Race: Italian Immigrant Newspapers and the Construction of Whiteness in the Early Twentieth Century (Peter G. Vellon)
by Michael Rosenow

Passione (John Turturro)
by Alessandro Buffa

Devoti (Pete Soby)
by Peter Harle

Fighting Paisanos (Marco Curti)
by Fraser Ottanelli

Terra Sogna Terra (Lucia Grillo)
My Backyard, Your Backyard (Sandra Pires)
The Italian Garden Project website (Mary Menniti)
by Ilaria Vanni

Sinatra: An American Icon
by Stanislao Pugliese

Tutta La Famiglia: A Portrait of a Sicilian Café in America
by Blaise Tobia


Dr. Robert Gallo, Head of the Institute of Human Virology at the University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute, co-discoverer of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and leading researcher on HIV/AIDS. Celebrity photographer, Alexo Wandael, talks to us about his prolific career – spanning the worlds of fashion, art, portraiture, travel and reportage, as well as his ongoing project, ITALIANY.US.
This episode of ITALICS focuses on the environment. Lucia Grillo goes to the Safina Center at Stony Brook and talks with Doctor Carl Safina about his new book, “Beyond Words,” which gives new perspective on how we view animals. Designer Martin Salerno, founder of the chic – and high-tech – Luca Chiara, joins us in our studio to talk about what inspired his vegan leather accessories line. At the Italianate townhouse where the Columbus Citizens Foundation is housed, NOIAW celebrates three Wise Women: Donna Corrado, Commissioner of the NYC Department of Aging; Carin Guarasci, Professor of Education & Director of New Educators at Wagner College; and Sue Matthews of the non-profit, Conquering Kidz Cancer.
ITALICS closes its 2015 season with story time: Tomie dePaola reads from his classic tale, “Strega Nona” – beloved by children and adults alike, celebrating its 40th Anniversary. Tomie, as the legendary author is known to fans, chats with Lucia Grillo at BAM – Brooklyn Academy of Music. Italian documentarian and critic, founder of Roma Cinema Fest, Mario Sesti talks to Lucia Grillo about the representation of women and exposé of misogyny in Pietrangeli’s films. ITALICS continues its “investigation” of the “new Italian Americans” in an interview with Alessandro Parrello: actor, producer, and founder of West 46th Magazine.  
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