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All students planning to graduate in September 2004, February and June 2005 are invited to take part in our on-campus recruitment and placement program. To participate in these activities resumes are due as follows:

Accounting Majors: On or before 4 pm September 15, 2004.
Computer Science Majors: On or before 4 pm September 20, 2004.
Liberal Arts & Science: On or before 4 pm September 20, 2004.

 In addition, graduating students must register on QC CAREERLINK and list their resumes. Please note that resumes will not be accepted for Fall recruitment after these dates. 
Understanding the dynamic nature of the market place, making a serious assessment of your interests and skills, knowing  how best to organize your educational and work background, and finally developing the skills needed to present yourself in a positive way is a big step in landing your first job. To help you prepare, the Office of Career Development and Internships offers a series of workshops: Resume Preparation, Job Interview Techniques, and Job Search Strategies.    These workshops will help you to:  

Prepare a result getting resume 
Write effective cover letters 
Use resources to identify potential career possibilities 
Learn how to use on-line job resources on the Internet 
Market yourself effectively during the job interview and negotiate salary 
Deal with problems that may crop up during your job search 
To participate in the College's on-campus recruitment and placement activities, graduating students must submit their resumes and attend at least four workshops : 

  An Orientation Workshop 
A Resume writing workshop 
A Job interview Workshop 
An Interview for Success/A Videotape Presentation Workshop 

You may also schedule appointments with a counselor to discuss any of the workshops topics or special problems you might have. In addition to these workshops, the Office of Career Development and Internships offers: 

  Career counseling and assessment 
Computer-based career guidance 
Resume, job interview and job search counseling 
Career forums, graduate school fair and career fair 
Full-time, part-time, and summer jobs 
Career literature 
Employer profile and literature 
Credentials service