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The Office of Career Development and Internships complements and supports the education objectives of students by extending learning beyond the "walls" of the College and by fostering career consciousness and career development activities through :
qc Mediating the relationships between students and the outside institutions, organizations, business/industry and government agencies where they will learn and work;
qc Forming linkages with business/industry which are meaningful and can eliminate much of the false dichotomy which exists between education and training;
qc Linking knowledge and skills to jobs and careers;
qc Exposing students at every stage of their academic career to the range, extent and variety of opportunities which emanate from a liberal arts and science tradition;
qc Developing an open system that accepts feedback on how well it is preparing its students.
      The Office of Career Development & Internships offers career counseling, internship, and placement services to Queens College students and recent alumni. The Office has many invaluable resources to assist students in making sound academic and career decisions. It serves as a vital link to the academic, business, and professional worlds, and helps students to make realistic connections between education and the world beyond college.

      From the freshman year to senior year and beyond, the Office offers a vast array of services. Choosing an academic major, exploring different careers, acquiring work experience and skills, and developing the tools and strategies necessary to make a successful transition to college and then from college to work are but a few of the issues and concerns addressed by The Office of Career Development & Internships