Guideline for Internship

The internship program at Queens College is a college-wide service. The Office of Career Development and Internships works with students and faculty on campus, and alumni and employers who offer valuable internship and job placement opportunities off-campus. The following general guideline is intended to outline the procedures and to facilitate internship placements and follow-ups.

What is the Queens College Internship Program and What are the Advantages?

The college sponsored experiential learning program takes place outside of the classroom. It is a structured and supervised work experience, and offers students practical learning opportunities that complement their classroom learning.  The experience is intended to help students develop the knowledge and skills necessary for success in their educational and career goals.

How Can I Participate in an Internship?

Students interested in internships should sign-up for  workshops in the Office of Career Development and Internships.  These workshops offer an overview of the internship procedures, options, and the educational and work experience necessary for a successful internship. Students will then have the opportunity to indicate their choice of internships chosen from a database on a registration form. This information is also available on QC CAREERLINK found on the web site of our office.

Students are required to submit 12 copies of their approved resumes which will be forwarded to the employers of their choice. In addition, the Office will also forward these resumes to other organizations which offer similar opportunities.

How Can I Get Academic Credit for an Internship Experience?

An internship may be taken for credit under the supervision of a faculty member from the student's major or minor department. A credit-bearing internship may carry a stipend. However, a paid internship often does not get academic credit.

Academic credit for internship experience is awarded by academic departments only. Therefore, if an internship placement involves academic credit, the student must discuss his or her plan with a faculty internship advisor in the student’s major or minor department to workout the arrangements. Internships involve a full semester commitment.

Internships which are not credit-bearing need no approval from the academic departments, and can be finalized by the Office, directly. Such internships can be paid or unpaid.

How Do I Prepare for an Internship Experience?

Resume writing, interviewing techniques workshops and individual counseling sessions are conducted regularly to assist students to prepare for the internship experience, adequately. Students are urged to meet with a counselor at the Office to discuss their internship and academic goals.

Students can start their internships in the upper sophomore year after a major is  declared. This will give the student a better focus. In addition, employers also prefer interns who have a grasp and knowledge of their major or minor academic fields.

Students who wish to have an internship through the Office are strongly advised to take the Orientation to the World of Work course offered by the Office. Students can take the course either before, or concurrently with their internship assignment. The course is designed to enrich the internship experience, and is offered both in the fall and spring semesters.

  Internship seminars are held every semester for students who have current placements. These seminars are designed to provide student interns with the information and resources they need to make their placement a successful one. Therefore, this seminar is a required part of the internship experience.

The Office maintains frequent and ongoing contact with a long list of very diverse organizations that offer experiential learning and placement opportunities. This list is updated regularly.

Can I Develop My Own Internship?

The Office offers internship opportunities in a wide range of fields.  However, for students who wish to develop their own internship, the Office provides assistance as necessary.

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