INTERNSHIPS To sign-up to any of the events online, you need to be a registered member of our-site, to learn more about it click here Otherwise, you can only register by visiting our office.

    Internship is an individualized program that integrates classroom learning with work experience in a job that is career-related, can earn college credits and may pay wages. Our guideline outlines the procedure.

    In cooperation with academic departments, the Office develops and provides wide range of internships information and referral to students. Credit-bearing internships must be approved, guided, evaluated and supervised by academic departments. Therefore, the first step for students is to consult with a faculty member about the requirements for internships in the major or minor department. To prepare for the internship experience, the Office of Career Development and Internships requires students to attend some workshops. The workshops are offered on Monday & Wednesday from 12:15 - 1:05. For current internship listing, please visit our 'Currently Posted Internships' section. If you are interested in any of the internship listing, please visit the Office for additional information on the listing.
  • The Resume Though a good resume may not always get you a job, a bad one will certainly keep you out of the race. Since your resume usually represents the first contact you will have with potential employers, it must be well thought-out and carefully prepared. Our Resume Writing section will guide you through this process with tips on how to write a resume , cover letter , and thank you letter.
  • Resume, Interview Skills and Job-search Workshops Day and evening workshops are conducted each semester. The workshops focus on: resume preparation, interviewing techniques and job-search strategies. Workshop information is posted around the campus, and the workshop schedules are available at the Office. Small group workshops on electronic job-search are also conducted at the Office to acquaint students with on-line job-search resources.
  • Job Search Tips more
This password-protected system offers a wide range of resources online. Students can access job listings, post their resumes to be viewed by potential employers, register for events and sign up for campus interviews. Alumni can access career opportunities, and employers can list internship and job informatin, as well as access student resumes using a special pass. Students needs to do following to become a member.
  • Attend one of our workshops to complete the registration form. Please click here for the workshop schedules.
  • QC Alumni need to contact the Alumni Office as a first step to request for an QC eRecruiting account.