How to Make The Career Fair Work For You.  
There are several important things you need to do to make the best of the Career Fair.
Here are some tips:

Before the Career Fair
  • Have your resume double-checked to make sure that there are no errors.
  • Prepare a two minute pitch focusing on your experience, strength and achievements. Practice it well, it will help you to do an effective presentation when you meet with employers.
  • Be prepared to discuss your major and how it relates to a particular employer's needs in the field in which you are interested.

At the Career Fair
  • Personal appearance and neatness is very important. Graduating students in particular should wear a suit.
  • Bring at least 25 copies of your resume.
  • Show strong interest, enthusiasm and confidence. Discuss your experience and strength and ask questions about the opportunities they offer.
  • Before you leave, collect employer literature and business cards.

After the Fair
  • Take the time to review and organize the employer information and the business cards you have collected.
  • Send follow-up letters to those organizations you are interested in, thank them for their time and the information. Stress your interest and what you can offer. Make each letter different and targeted to each organization you are writing to.