Be prepared for both general and behavioral types of questions. When responding to:

- General question, your response should not only describe what you did but also describe how it will benefit the position you are being interviewed for.

 - Behavioral question, it is always helpful to use the PSR format ( P = describe the problem,  S = give the     solution;  R = tell the result.)



  What are your long term goals work and education?
Tell me about yourself
Give me an example of how you go about setting goals for yourself?
Describe the most difficult situation you have encountered at QC?
As a club officer (manager/supervisor) how do you go about getting the support or help needed from a difficult person?
Why did you choose QC? Why did you choose your particular major?
Give me an example of a project at QC that required creativity.
How has your job experiences prepared you for the position you are interviewing for?
What do you consider your strengths/weakness?