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Do your research


Be prepared                    

Show up on time                           

Act like a professional

Be honest

Be assertive

Follow up


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Interview Tips, NACE's Planning Job Choices 2002 a guide to the job search for the new college graduates (page70)

1. Do your research: Researching the organization before you interview is critical. Employers are interested in candidates who have intelligent questions and are able to make intelligent conversation based on what they know about the organization. They are equally unimpressed by candidates who know nothing about the company or position being offered. Learn as much as you can beforehand- know the company's products and services, profit margin, management, cultures, dress code, and anything else you can think of. Good sources are your career service center, a college or public library, and the Internet.

2. Practice: Do practice interviews with a career counselor, friends, and family members-or by yourself, in front a mirror. Employers prize communication skills in job candidates, and the interview is your opportunity to showcase your verbal skills, so practice time is time well spent. 

3. Be prepared: Think about how your experience in work, classes, and activities can relate to the job you're seeking.

4. Show up on time: Allow plenty of time to get to the interview; and, if possible, visit the site in advance and time how long it takes to get there.

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5. Act like a professional: Dress professionally-plan your interview attire in advance and make sure your clothing is pressed, your shoes are shined, and your hair and nails are well groomed. Bring extra copies of your resume and a list of references, and conduct yourself professionally throughout the interview.

6. Be honest: Don't try to cover up mistakes Instead, focus on how you learned from them.

7. Be assertive: Remember that the interview is a way for you to learn if the job is right for you. also, speak slowly and clearly and don't be afraid to pause for a moment to collect your thoughts.

8. Follow up: Ask the interviewer for a business card and send a thank-you note or e-mail as soon as possible.