The Office of Career Development and Internships assists students to take that first step on the road to career success. On-campus recruitment is one such program. To participate in this activity, students are expected to put in the time and effort to prepare for the process adequately.

To participate in recruitment activities, students are required to attend the following workshops: one Orientation Workshop, one Resume Preparation Workshop, one Interviewing Technique Workshop and one video presentation. In addition, the Office strongly suggests that students also attend as many of the interviewing techniques workshops and video presentations as possible. These workshops are designed to help students develop the skills necessary for effective interviewing. Copies of all workshop schedules are available at the Office.

To prepare for the process, we suggest that you develop a draft of your resume based on one of the formats recommended on our web site. If you need additional assistance, or if you want a counselor to review a draft copy of your resume, you can do so. Just make sure you bring a typed draft copy of your resume. You can pick it up in three days after it is reviewed by a counselor. After you fine-tune your resume, have it typed or printed, and bring the required number of final copies to the Office. Because your resume represents both you and Queens College, we require that certain standards be met. Resumes that fail to meet this criteria will not be accepted. In addition, you must also register on QC Careerlink and post your resume on line for employers who may want to query resumes online.

You are also required to fill out a Placement Interview Registration form, which gives us permission to send your resume to potential employers.