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Assistant Professor of Hebrew. Ph.D., The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

A renowned Hebrew poet and writer, Professor Chetrit is an inter-disciplinary scholar and teacher. He's been teaching for the last fifteen years courses on Hebrew modern language and literature, culture and politics of Israel. Here at Queens College he teaches Hebrew language on all levels, Hebrew Literature and Israeli Media, both in Hebrew and in translation. He is also the coordinator and advisor for the Hebrew language Major and Minor programs.

I'm a Moroccan Jew, raised in Israel and now reside in NYC with my wife and three children. So when asked to fill out a formal form, under race/ethnicity, I never find a "category" for myself, which is not at all so bad, so under "other" (aren't we all...), I write down different self-definitions, depends on the mood of the day. At times I write North African-American, and at times Arab-Jew, or just Middle Eastern, but really, most of the time I just try my best to be a human being, a citizen of this fractured planet.

Words are my breath. I write therefore I exist. I've been writing almost in every genre that I know of: poetry, prose, screenplay, academic research, op-ed and more. I've published numerous articles and books on culture, literature and politics in Israel. Current books: Yehudim (Jews), a poetry book. 2008. Nahar Books, Israel. Ein Habuba (Doll's Eye), a novel. 2007. Hargol-Am Oved publishers, Israel. The Mizrahi Struggle in Israel: 1948-2003 (Hebrew), published in March 2004, by Am-Oved / Ofakim Series; and SHIRIM BE'ASHDODIT (Poems in Ashdodian), poetry form 1982 to 2002, published by Andalus, Tel-Aviv, 2003. Three of these books are in different stages of translation into English to be published in the US.

In my recent research work I focus on Mizrahi (i.e., Middle Eastern Jewish) modern literature, during the Israeli era, since 1948. I'm mainly looking into political poetry of second generation Mizrahim.

I also do documentary films (when I got the time...). With Eli Hamo I co-directed the documentary "The Black Panthers (in Israel) Speak," and I am now completing a new documentary "Come Mother" on my mother's generation of Moroccan women in Israel.

I've been teaching Hebrew language, literature and writing for many years, for all ages. Ever since I came to this country, five years ago, I've been teaching my topics at UCLA, UC Berkeley, Sapir College in Israel, and now Queens College CUNY, which have recently became my academic home!

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Recent Publications

Doll's Eye is a novel in Hebrew.


Poems in Ashodian is a collection of poetry written between 1982 and 2002.


Al-Nidal al-Shaky Fi-Israil is.... written in Arabic.


Mizrahi Struggle in Israel is....

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